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You may have already booked your evening entertainment or thought about an awesome band or DJ you will hire to fill the dancefloor and get the party started. But what about during the day?

Imagine walking down the aisle to silence! Consider you and your guests having your drinks reception and meal to just the sound of your own voices and knives and forks clinking in the background! Yes, you could have an iPhone hooked up to a speaker playing some recorded music. However, picture having the magic of live music. Create a beautiful atmosphere with acoustic covers of well-known songs sung by a live singer on piano and vocals. It really can be the icing on the cake and something you may have not considered!

You can have Wedding Daytime live music to fill different sections of your day. Consider covering one of these sections for that magical touch or choose more than one and create a package…


I arrive in plenty of time and set up in the ceremony room before your guests arrive. Once your guests start entering the room I will play background live music right up until the bridal party entrance. This will set the mood and get them ready to welcome the beautiful bride! I will then play the ceremony songs including – walking down the aisle, 2-3 songs during the register signing/photos and the exit song.

Make sure you request your special song for me to learn for you or pick your favourites from my full song list! Plenty to choose from on there!


Have live music entertaining you and your guests during that period before your meal whilst you’re having a drink and taking your hundreds of photos to fill your wedding album!

Weather permitting I can also set up outdoors as long as there’s access to a power supply (or a very long extension lead!)

This section can directly follow your ceremony as my most popular package. Just consider that I will need a bit of time to move and reset the equipment if there’s a room change.


You can also add live music to cover the duration of the meal and fill that time you and your guests are eating. Music will never be too loud so you can still have a conversation. During any breaks I take, recorded filler music will play through the PA speakers to keep the atmosphere going (and never leave you in silence).

Another advantage of having me there for the meal... if you need to you can borrow my wireless microphone for your speeches!


This section falls right after your meal and up to your first dance, following which your DJ / band takes over. You can have background music just before the party starts or make it livelier to get the guests in the party mood! More importantly have can have your special 1st dance sung live!

As a Wedding Singer & Pianist I can help you plan your daytime live music and create and unforgettable experience. I create a bespoke service and work with you every step of the way!

Take a look at my showreel for a taster of what I do...

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