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Carolina Garcia-Cox Wedding Singer Piano Vocalist Singing Pianist



Carolina is based in Manchester, UK but was originally born in Madrid, Spain. She currently holds dual nationality British / Spanish and her mum's side of the family are all over in Spain so she visits regularly for holidays and quality family time. She feels that the dual nationality and upbringing has given her cultural and educational background a rich mix from both countries and she loves being able to take the best out of each one. She attended school in Spain until around the age of 14, except from the age or 9-10 years old here in England. From age 14 onwards she moved permanently to the UK with her family.


It is really in the UK that her musical journey began. Her passion for music started from a young age and at age 9 she started formally learning to play the piano, shortly followed by singing. Singing at first involved hiding in the middle of the church choir on a Sunday morning but even though she wasn't confident at the time to do a solo she knew she loved singing more than anything. Once back in the UK permanently from age 14 living up in Bolton she discovered the world of amateur musical theatre and from there fell into formal singing lessons and the rest is history. Since her early teens she has been heavily involved in amateur Musical Theatre playing both lead and supporting roles in many shows and different theatre societies. This helped not only give her an outlet for her singing, but also to grow in confidence and as a person. However, as well as Musical Theatre Carolina has always had a growing passion for all styles of music.

She left home at age 18 to go to university and attended the University of Bath to study French & Italian and European Studies. However despite being an academic her passion and heart always lay in the performing world. Throughout her time at university she joined the musical theatre society, the gospel choir, an all female acapella singing group as well as the Latin & Ballroom dance club. So her time at university was spent not just on her course and studies and an exciting social life in the beautiful city of Bath but also taking private singing lessons, being part of musicals, and also doing competitive Ballroom & Latin Dancing with the university team. She was even team captain of the dance club for a year which was an exciting and rewarding role. 

After university she was figuring out how to either get into drama school and do musical theatre or take off as a singer professionally. So living back home and working an office job she continued to audition, do shows and study music with private tutors and a year later she fell into teaching and shortly after she started doing a few bar and restaurant gigs as a solo artist. This then grew into wedding singing as a solo artist and eventually also with function bands. So once things settled she found herself doing what she loved - teaching one to one singing and piano lessons either at home or in schools and performing in her spare time either in amateur musical theatre or as a professional wedding and events singer with the odd bar and restaurant gig thrown in. 

Carolina now has over 10 years experience teaching and performing on a professional level. She spends her week teaching one to one piano and singing lessons at home and also provides live music for weddings & special events.


Other interesting facts about Carolina...

  • She is a vegetarian and animal lover

  • She can speak 4 languages (Spanish & English native level and French & Italian)

  • She loves food and cooking, watching funny tv / films

  • She has a strong fascination for fantasy, magic and supernatural stuff but nothing horror

  • She is a huge believer in the law of attraction and the power of positivity

  • She is also really into health and fitness and though she may look little she does weight training regularly and though quite new to it is getting pretty fit and strong (which is much needed for a strong voice and to carry all that gig equipment!)

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About Me...

Carolina is a Female Singer, Pianist, Songwriter and Singing & Piano Tutor based in Manchester, UK.

However her performing takes her all around the UK.

She teaches one-to-one Singing & Piano lessons

And she specialises in providing live acoustic piano and vocals music for Weddings & Events.

Learn more about her background below...


“Thank you so much, you were fantastic! Absolutely beautiful!” - Bethany

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